The Exhibition

Human Race: inside the history of sports medicine is an exhibition of Scottish collections that explores the body as it prepares for, and competes in, sport. The exhibition highlights for the first time some of the pioneering developments in medical imaging, surgery and sports training that have taken place over the last 200 years, and their subsequent impact on the development of Sports and Exercise Medicine as we know it today.

Over 15 different museums, individuals and other institutions from across Scotland have contributed objects to the exhibition, many of which are being seen by the public for the first time.

The exhibition is divided into five sections


1Looking and Understanding
charts the development of medical imaging and how the medical profession can diagnose sports injuries with increasing accuracy.

2Caring and Treating
looks at some of the surgical advances that have allowed athletes to quickly return to competition following injury.

3Training and Preparing
examines the historical change over the last two hundred years in how an athlete is prepared for competition.

4Pushing Limits and Breaking Boundaries
looks at doping in sport and the controversy over changing technologies and equipment and their impact on sporting performance.

5Fit and Healthy?
is a historical look at how sport and exercise has been promoted as a means to improve the health of the nation, but also examines some of the negative health effects that professional sport can have on the elite athlete.